What is esports? Instructions for playing esports at  New88

There are a lot of people interested right now esport  New88. This is a form of betting on fighting games, also known as electronic sports. To understand this topic better, please follow the article below for more details!

What is  New88 Esport?

Currently Esport (Electronics Sport) is also commonly known as electronic sports. Or simply put, this is a form of fighting game to determine victory or defeat. In recent years, the field Esport  New88 has become one of the great monuments of the gaming village.

Esport betting is simply understood as betting on an electronic sports game. For example: When a professional League of Legends Esport tournament is held. The bookmaker will offer bets based on the teams against each other for bettors to refer to.

At this point, you just need to place a bet and choose the type of bet at the house you bet on. Currently,  New88 has many attractive Esport betting forms for gamers to choose from. These forms of betting are very diverse and have high winning rates. And choosing to bet on esports at bookmaker  New88 is the perfect choice for bettors.

Esport  New88 rules

When participating in Esport betting at  New88, you need to clearly understand some types of bets at this house. Understanding the different types of bets will help players have a higher winning rate. And here are some basic types of bets that you need to know today. Specifically:

Some types of betting odds at  New88 esports

We can say betting Esport  New88 Quite similar to football. And it includes some basic types of bets, specifically:

  • Handicap: The house will give the most accurate handicap. And experts will rely on that to determine the results for bettors to refer to.
  • First victory bet: This is a form of betting on which player or team will win the first victory.
  • Match time bet: The bettor must predict how long the match will be. And players will place bets at bookmaker
  • Betting on the team to win 5 lives first: It can be said that this type of bet attracts many players to bet. Bets can be based on the playing style of the competing teams. Then, based on that, analyze and predict which team will win 5 lives first.

How to play esports at  New88

To be able to participate in esports at bookmaker  New88, you need to have an  New88 member account. For some people who already have an account, they just need to log in to the house. If you don’t know how to create an  New88 member account, follow these steps:

Log in to bookmaker  New88

First, everyone needs to choose a reputable link New88 and log in. For this reason, there are currently many fake  New88 news sources and take advantage of players’ accounts and money. Because you should be very careful in the process of finding links.

Steps to register at bookmaker  New88

After you have entered the main interface of bookmaker  New88. Then everyone, please scroll up to the right side of the screen and select «Register» to create an account. In  New88’s registration forum, a number of topics will appear that the system requires players to fill out. Specifically:

  • Account name: Please enter 6 to 8 characters including letters and numbers as desired.
  • Password: This section requires players to fill in 8 to 10 characters. Or you can add special characters to increase account security.
  • Re-enter your password: Please re-enter the above password characters again in the blank box. This section is to determine that the account creator has entered the account information correctly.
  • Email: Please fill in the email account you often use in the blank box requested by the system.
  • Enter phone number: Please enter your personal phone number accurately in the blank box.

Experience playing esports at  New88

Currently, there are many people who want to bet effectively on esports tournaments at  New88. If you want to improve your betting level and have a higher winning rate. So everyone, please refer to some of the following specific experiences:

Learn carefully about the games

The first thing to do when you participate in betting Esport  New88. Everyone should research carefully about the game they intend to bet on. Nowadays the list of e-sports games is huge. The games chosen by the house are games with high confrontation and tactical thinking.

It can be said that League of Legends (LOL) is the game most people bet on at  New88. Currently, LOL has an extremely large number of players. And this is a game loved by many gamers around the world. LOL matches also attract a lot of followers and bets. So this is the most betting e-sports game.

In addition, at major bookmakers there are many other types of games in the specific esports list such as: Fifa, Dota, CSGo, PUBG, Warcraft and many more fighting games.

Prepare complete information

Before betting esport  New88 Then you need to prepare complete information. In addition, there is knowledge about the teams participating in the competition. Analyze objectively based on the force situation. And more specifically, the tactics and playing style of each team.

Keep a cool head

You need to always keep a cool head and handle situations well. Everyone should stay calm in all situations and not blindly choose just one team. You should not listen to the majority but rely on your own analysis and evaluation.


Above is detailed general information about esport  New88 for your reference. Hope article at New88 will bring many more useful things to you.

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