What is Asian Handicap? and good experiences when playing

The concept of Asian handicap is what many players are looking for. It is known that this is one of the popular types of bets favored by many gamers in Asia, especially in Vietnam. Although it is considered one of the basic forms of betting in football and is commonly used in the market today. But there are still many people who do not clearly understand this type of bet. To better understand this genre and the most effective way to play to help you win, read the article below at Hi88 săn cá.

Learn what the concept of Asian handicap is?

Asian betting soccer odds are also known as Handicap odds. This is a popular odds used mainly in football matches in the Asian market. This type of bet is used to analyze and evaluate the strength and class of the teams in the match. Since its inception, this bet has strongly contributed to the development of the football betting market and is the foundation for many other new types of bets such as: Yellow card bets, over/under bets, or corner kick bets.

Asian Handicap helps players identify which team is stronger as well as maximize their odds of winning. This helps them make accurate and quick betting decisions. The calculated time for a match through this football bet is usually 90 minutes officially. Therefore, betting results will be determined after 90 minutes of play, excluding extra time.

If in the main match there is extra time to determine the winner or loser, the house will flexibly add new types of bets so that bettors can quickly grasp the information and give the most accurate betting results.

Summary of Asian handicaps that are popular with bettors

After learning about what Asian football odds are, we invite everyone to explore the list of popular odds today. To better understand these types of bets, please refer to the content below for the most detailed overview and overview!

Ball odds

What is Asian Handicap? This type of bet, also known as the 0 Left bet, is often offered by the bookmaker when the two teams have equal strength. In this case, if you bet on any team and that team wins, you will receive back the entire bet amount and the corresponding odds. Usually, the 0 Left bet is often applied in important matches such as finals and semi-finals, when the balance between the two teams is very high.

Bet on half the ball

The half-ball bet, also known as the 0.25 bet, is used when the two teams have a difference in strength. The upper team will handicap the lower team with half the score. In case the upper team wins, the player will receive the entire bet amount back. However, if the match ends in a draw, the bettor on the favorite team will only lose half of the bet. And if the favorite team loses, you will lose your entire bet.

Half-left handicap

What is half the ball handicap in Asian handicap?  This bet is also known as 0.5 goals, and is one of the odds that bettors often choose to bet on in soccer betting. In this bet, the upper team will be handicapped by the bookmaker by half, meaning they must win with a difference of at least one goal for the player to bet on them to win. When the match ends in a draw, you bet on the underdog team to win the entire bet amount.

Handicap 1 goal

The 1-goal handicap is also known as the 0.75 handicap, applied when the upper team handicaps the lower team at a rate of 0.75. In this case, if the upper team wins with a difference of two goals or more, the player will receive the entire bet amount back. If the upper team wins with a difference of one goal, you will receive half of your bet back. And if the match ends in a draw or the underdog wins, the bettor will lose the entire bet.

What is the meaning of the two signs (+) and (-) in Asian handicap?

In Asian handicaps, the (+) and (-) signs carry important meaning so players can better understand handicap odds and how to apply them in soccer matches. Asian handicap odds are often expressed in decimal numbers such as 1/4 (0.25), 1/2 (0.5), 3/4 (0.75), 1 and so on.

What is the problem when a team is marked this way in Asian handicaps?  If the team is assigned a (+) sign, this means they enjoy a first goal advantage before the match starts.

For example, if a team has odds of +0.5, this means they are awarded a virtual goal before the match starts. On the contrary, if the other team is assigned a (-) mark, they will have to suffer any corresponding number of virtual goals before the match starts. For example, if a team has odds of -0.75, this means they have to concede a virtual goal before the match starts.

Through these (+) and (-) signs, you can evaluate the balance between the two teams and determine the appropriate bet. The (+) and (-) signs are also important indicators for players to evaluate which team has the upper hand and place smart bets based on their prediction of the match outcome.

What are good experiences in Asian handicapping?

Bettors are always interested in finding the most effective ways to bet on soccer to optimize their chances of winning. With the diversity and complexity of the betting market, applying specific tips can be the key to helping you achieve your desired betting results. Below are some effective soccer betting tips that bettors can refer to and apply:
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Find out important information before making a betting decision

Before betting on any activity, finding out information is the most important step to help you make the right decision and optimize your chances of winning. Research statistics and historical data about football teams, including previous match results, goals scored and conceded rates, home and away performance and other factors can affect the outcome of the match.

Perform careful screening

What is the experience in playing Asian odds? In the field of soccer betting, carefully researching and evaluating the types of bets gives bettors an advantage. This requires players to clearly understand the rules of the game and accumulate experience to increase their chances of winning. To do this, evaluating the team and making accurate predictions about the match outcome is key. For a more comprehensive view, there are many websites that provide gameplay analysis, which you can consult online.

Do not place bets on fake soccer bets

To become a soccer betting expert and avoid unnecessary losses, the most important thing is to stay away from lure bets. This type of bet often fluctuates continuously, with the house constantly changing the odds. Signs to recognize a bet include a very attractive payout rate, but the ability to win is quite difficult.


In today’s article we have explained it to you in depth What is Asian handicap?. We hope that our article has provided bettors with full information about this ball bet and how to make sure it wins!

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