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Phom New88 or Ta La is a traditional game that almost every gamer knows. This card game is not simply a fun game, if the bettor wants to win, they will have to have strategies and careful calculations. Are you looking for an attractive, entertaining game that is not boring?New88 believe that this will be the number 1 candidate.

What is Phom card game?

Phom cards are certainly not too strange to players who are passionate about playing cards online. This is one of the best-selling games, always hot on any reputable prize hunting game portal. At New88, Phom is built to be both familiar and has many unique features to create a colorful and dramatic prize hunt.

To play Phom New88, gamers will need to equip themselves with certain requirements. In particular, understanding the game rules and effective card playing skills is the way for gamers to easily conquer each exciting bet. Regularly cultivating your skills and improving your Phom card playing skills will help you defeat your opponents and win rewards.

Instructions for playing Phom New88 for new players

If you don’t know Phom, it will be an extremely unfortunate thing for those who love the card game series. The game has eye-catching design, beautiful dealer and high reward rates. Below, New88 will guide you on how to participate in card games to increase your chances of winning, which every gamer should know.

Phom game rules

Phom card game uses a deck of 52 cards to apply strict rules when playing. Each game has 2 – 4 members participating, the dealer will give the bettors 9 cards, and the table owner will be dealt 10 cards.

The task of the bettors is to try to win cards to create Phom and play away the junk cards. So that in the end you can win or create many Phoms to play with the least score.

Terminology in Phom article

Here are some important terms to understand when playing Phom, specifically:

  • Phom: A set of 3 cards of the same rank or consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Junk cards: These are cards that cannot be arranged into cards and do not belong to any Phom. In Phom game, players will play the junk cards in their hand to get the smallest score in the end.
  • Venom: These are leaves Phom New88 The remainder remaining after dealing the cards to the players is placed in the middle of the table.
  • Mom: End the game without any Phom.
  • Take the pawn: Take another player’s card during your turn.
  • U: In the player’s hand there are 9 cards forming different Phoms. That player will win and take home all the prize money.
  • Send: Those who lower their cards later will have their junk cards sent to the Phoms of the previous player. You can reduce many points and increase your chances of winning.

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How to calculate Phom New88 card score

Phom cards have a fairly simple scoring method, this is also a way to determine wins and losses in the game. If any player busts, the game will end. In case no one buzzes, the system will calculate points to determine the winner.

Cards from 2 to 10 are counted based on the number printed on that card. The cards printed with human heads, J, Q and K, are assigned scores of 11, 12 and 13 points, respectively. Aces alone are considered 1 point.

Point of Phom New88 will be determined by adding the sum of the cards that do not form a link together. If the score is 2 digits, the player’s score is the unit digit. For example, if the total score is 16, the player’s final score is 6 points.

In case there are 2 people with the same score, the one who plays the card first is the winner. Gamers with underbites will be considered final losers and must lose their bet according to New88’s regulations. Depending on each specific case, the system will determine the rules for paying cards, so you need to pay attention.

Tips to play Phom New88 «top» like a master

Grasping some high-class entertainment skills like famous players will bring you a passionate discovery.

  • Try to learn and accurately grasp the rules of the game and how to participate in specific Phom games. You should know how to create Phom effectively and quickly beat other competitors.
  • Usually, the card that is easiest to win is the card that is easiest to survive, so you need to consider carefully before playing. The opponent may eat and create Phom to defeat you, so you need to be very careful.
  • If the game is almost over and there are still big scores that are difficult to win, you can break them. However, carefully calculate whether your opponent is waiting for you or not before deciding.
  • Remember the cards your opponents have played to easily analyze and judge their cards. Thanks to that, you improve your ability to win, «avoiding» opponents waiting in your own hand.

Information about Phom New88 ended the playground’s sharing about the top hot card games. If you want to try and enjoy the passionate conquest of this subject, please register an account to bet right here.New88 Please! New88 believes that any gamer can receive countless valuable prizes from the game.

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