Legends and golden goal miracles in football

The golden goal is one of the most interesting rules in soccer. However, with the rule change in football, the golden goal rule was eliminated. But some people still wonder what a golden goal is? Let’s Kubet Follow the article below to discover the details!

What is a golden goal?

What is a golden goal? The golden goal, also known as the «golden rule», is a competition rule applied in football and many other sports. This rule states that if a team scores in extra time, the opposing team has only one chance to score an equalizer. Otherwise, the team that scores the yellow ball will win immediately.

Although the golden goal created dramatic moments, this rule was abolished to increase the attractiveness and fairness of extra rounds.

Meaning and role of golden goal in football

Although the golden goal rule has caused a lot of controversy, it has also created memorable and dramatic moments in the football world. So what is the meaning of the golden goal?

  • Win or lose decision: When both teams after the end of the official playing time but still cannot distinguish between winning and losing, they will move on to the extra match. Here, the team that scores first will be the winner and the match will immediately end.
  • Shorten match time: As above, when which team scores first, the match will end, this helps the result to be quickly determined, helps shorten time,…

Reasons to abolish the golden goal rule in football

In addition to wondering what a golden goal is, some fans also wonder why the golden goal rule was canceled? As well as the information explaining in the above section what the golden goal is, after many years of existence and many controversies about fairness. In 2004, this law was repealed.

After canceling the golden goal rule, it caused many mixed opinions. Although some people think that it does not ensure fairness, there are also some people who believe that the presence of this rule will bring drama and excitement to players and fans.

However, the harshness of the golden goal rule is extremely harsh. Whether there is more or less extra time left, when the golden goal is scored first, the remaining team has no chance to change the match. still.

The most memorable golden goals in football history

So you understand what a golden goal is, below are some golden goals applied by FiFa in the finals of the World Cup from 1998 to 2002 and EURO 2000.
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World Cup 1998

In the 1998 World Cup, in the second round, the home team France won against Paraguay thanks to a golden goal from defender Laurent Blanc in the 114th minute.

World Cup 2020 

In the second round of the 2020 World Cup, South Korea created an impressive 2-1 victory over rival Italy with Ahn Jung Hwan’s golden goal after the two teams drew 1-1.

Also in this round, Senegal also eliminated Sweden with a golden goal in the second extra time, but then they were defeated by Türkiye thanks to Ilhan Mansiz’s golden goal in the quarterfinals.

EURO 2000

The golden goal rule helped the French team win the championship. In the semi-finals, Zinedine Zidane scored a golden goal from a penalty kick against Portugal, thus successfully sending France straight to the finals.

In the final against Italy, after ending in a draw in the 90th minute, David Trezeguet scored the golden goal in the 118th minute to help France win the European Championship for the second time.

Some other golden goals

Besides the above golden goals, there are also some other golden goals:

  • Oliver Bierhoff helped Germany beat the Czech Republic 2-1 at Euro 1996.
  • Henri Camara scored a big goal in the match between Senegal 2-1 Sweden at the 2002 World Cup.
  • In the 2000 UEFA Cup final, Delfi Geli helped Liverpool defeat Deportivo Alaves 5-4.

Above is information to help you answer the question What is golden goal? as well as the reason why the golden goal rule was abolished. Hopefully our article above will help you better understand what a golden goal is. Although the golden goal rule has been abolished, the marks of those goals are still engraved in the minds of football fans.

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