Instructions on How to Play Unbeatable Tan New88 Cards for New Players

New 88 attack article is an attractive game and requires a lot of agility for those participating in this game. On the market today, this game is still quite new, however many experts evaluate its development potential very high. In the following article, New88 will help you learn in detail how to play Ton cards well.

Brief overview of the card game New88

The card game is known in English as Durak. Bai Tan was formed by the Aries country of the Russian Federation. Recently, this game is gradually becoming popular in our country and has become a new discovery for many bettors.

Detailed instructions on how to play New88 card game in the easiest way to understand

The method of playing all cards is very simple, however to bet most effectively, players need to develop a specific plan. Therefore, please master the playing instructions below from New88 to have top strategies.

Rank of each card

Similar to other card games, the first basic thing you must know clearly about the cards. The card game will have a total of 52 cards, the value of each card is calculated from low to high, gradually increasing from card 2 to card A (Ace).

How to deal standard New88 cards

In attack cards, the J, Q, K cards in each place will have different names, so players should pay attention. Each card game will have about 2 to 4 participants and the members will agree on their own opinions to choose a dealer for all the remaining players.

For New88 cards, the dealer can be the dealer or the system will deal automatically. Each player will receive 8 cards, the game will be scored clockwise. After enough cards have been dealt to each member, the dealer or the system will automatically draw 1 additional random card from the pile. The suit of this additional drawn card will be considered the main suit in the attack game.

Normally, the trump card will be placed at the bottom of the deck and turned upside down, so that all players can see it. The suit of cards in an attack card is extremely important, it has the right to beat all other suit cards regardless of the score value.

The exact rules of playing cards

Players need to master the rules of playing card game New88, this will help you conveniently plan your bets. Because like any game, if the bettor does not clearly understand the rules of the game, it is difficult to win and easy to lose the bet.

During the process of playing cards, each member of the betting table will attack each other clockwise until the final winner is found. Specifically, cards of the same suit with higher scores will win over cards with smaller scores. The card with the trump suit will have the right to beat any other card (if the trump suit is considered the score value).

In case, the player being attacked has no cards that can block it, meaning he will lose that turn. The turn will immediately pass to another member until 1 clock cycle ends. The turn only stops when no other member can block the cards, at which point the attacked member is forced to hold all the attacking cards for the entire turn.

Discover the New88 card game method to win against your opponents

If you have mastered the rules of card playing in the above content, please combine and learn more about the top methods below. It will help you conquer this game easily and win every opponent in the betting game.
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Accurately assess the opponent’s moves

In case the player is attacked, you should quickly come up with strong cards to most accurately block the opponent. This will cause the opponent to give up their turn or be forced to play stronger cards. At this time, you have the opportunity to receive big cards in your hand. Note that the more trump cards you have, the better your chances of winning will be.

Remember all the cards your opponent has played

During the process of participating in New88 card betting, players attack their opponents, research and decide to play the right cards. Fool other players by playing cards with equal scores in a row. At the same time, remember all the cards that appear in each turn.

This plays a very necessary role and it will support players a lot in the next rounds of play. When you realize that the standard game has stopped, you can predict what cards the other members are holding in their hands. Thereby devising the correct attack strategy and bringing victory to yourself.

Some important notes in how to play New88 card game

Playing card games is quite easy, but to win bets, players will need to grasp basic notes to more easily win prizes. Below are some notes shared by experts for new players when participating in card games.

When the New88 card betting game is taking place, you should always be extremely careful to avoid being lured by those who are attacking you. In case you know clearly that your cards are not strong enough to attack your opponent, immediately pick up the cards from the beginning. If you try to fight back but at the end don’t have enough strength to counterattack, you will have to hold up a lot more cards than you started with.

In addition, do not let your opponent know the number of cards you are holding, as this will make it impossible for them to predict your next moves. This style of play is considered a smart playing method and is always used by players in every game of attack at New88.

Tips for winning New88 card games for bettors

The above information on how to play cards must have helped players know the quickest operations in a card game. However, without learning and improving your skills every day, it will take you a lot of time to win big. Below we will share with you today’s top class card playing tips.

When you receive the full number of cards dealt to your hand, arrange them in a reasonable order starting from the small card. This tip will help bettors attack or counterattack as well as resolve the entire number of cards in hand as quickly as possible.

At the same time, when participating in playing card game New88, you must practice the skill of being calm in all situations. Always be decisive and focused on the game, don’t give up too early. This will help players have stable performance and make the most correct playing choices.

Train your brain in good memory habits, it will help you remember all the cards in the game. Once you have memorized it, combine it with your ability to calculate and analyze your opponent’s moves. Then build the most appropriate tactics and attack plans.


With the good content in this article, surely you have mastered the basic information about the gameNew88 attack article. Quickly access the New88 game portal and participate in betting to win big.

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