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Legal sports betting, the most detailed New88 football betting instructions to help you participate in the game smoothly. For those who are familiar with this sport, sports betting will somewhat increase the feeling of victory when participating in betting. Currently online betting is flourishing online with many different bookmakers such as W88, M88 or 188Bet… among those bookmakers we cannot help but mentiondealer Nhà cái new88, is gradually asserting itself as one of the most reputable bookmakers in Vietnam. betting market today.

1. How to Play Football BettingNew88

Sports betting is still a game loved by many people and has great appeal around the world. To participate in sports betting games, you need to have an account. If you do not have an account, click below to register.
Once you have an account, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Select sports betting

New88 Currently providing 3 main SPORTS HALLS: ON SPORTS – SABA SPORTS – SBO SPORTS
with many sports including football, badminton, tennis, electronic sports, American football, basketball, golf, baseball, hockey…. and more. Feel free to choose products and try your luck to win..

Within the scope of this article, I only mention soccer betting, which is the most chosen type of bet by Vietnamese bettors.

Step 3: After choosing your favorite sport, you can try your luck at a live soccer match.

2. Sports Betting Rules

Odds (Odd)

Odds are ratios or numbers used to represent the win-loss ratio for a match that a player chooses to bet on in a match at a certain house. Odd rates are offered by bookmakers in many different formats. From there, players can choose any type of bet to pay when placing a bet.

Currently, New88 sportsbook offers 5 main betting odds including oddsCN (also known as china), IND odds, US odds, Decimal odds, MALAY odds. When choosing a rate, you should pay attention in choosing the rate so that you can have many advantages when the odds are different.

Results and bet calculation

Match results are announced after the match ends, unless otherwise stated for each sport or match.

Bets are usually settled after the match ends. However, for the benefit of members, some bets will be booked by the house resolved before the official results are announced.

Winnings are based on the results of the official website source or the judgment of the sports council.

Maximum winnings

  • For all bet types, the maximum winning amount per member per day is 1.5 million USD (excluding bet capital) or other equivalent currencies. Refer to the maximum winning amount for sports:
    • Football and basketball – 1.5 million USD or other equivalent currencies.
    • E-Football, E-Baksetball, E-Sports, Tennis, American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Volleyball – 300,000 USD or other equivalent currencies.
    • Other sports – 200,000 USD or other equivalent currencies.
    • New bet – $25,000 USD or other equivalent currencies.
  • If the accumulator bet involves restrictions of different sports levels, the system will be based on the minimum winnings of the sports level.

Betting time regulations

If a match starts before the scheduled time, bets placed before the match starts are considered valid, bets placed after the match starts are void (except in-play bets). .

Match time includes overtime due to injured players.
Unless the match clearly states, goals and scores in extra time are not counted.

Betting regulations (in-play)

In-play betting is betting on an ongoing match. The time when bets can be placed is when the match starts and all transactions end when the bet is closed. Each type of sport will offer many types of bets.
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All in-play bets are subject to the system’s confirmation process. This may result in delayed bet confirmation times or failed bets.

The message “Pending approval” will be displayed on the bet ticket being processed by the system. This means the bet has not been confirmed or has been rejected. Pending bets will be rejected if any critical situation occurs during the betting process. These situations can include, without limitation, goals, red cards, penalties or technical fouls.


In the article on New88, there are instructions on how to play bookmaker sports and football bettingNew88. Wishing you luck and victory.

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