God fish shooting and «all the information» you need to know

Successfully becoming the most attractive fish shooting game at bookmaker OKVIP, the God Fish Shooting game has and still possesses extremely strong advantages.

In this article, let’s learn all the most unique information about this fish shooting game as well as some information about how to play the game in detail.

What is God fish shooting?

It can be said that God Fish Shooting is currently one of the most popular fish shooting services and games at Okvip with many interesting features combined with many new design methods, bringing Users have many experiences that are both authentic and unique.

“Mark” issued by the supplierSpade Gaming – One of the famous game service development systems, with many years of experience in the reward exchange market, further affirming the optimal service quality of this game.

More specifically, the game is also prioritized by users to experience because of the diverse creature system and attractive reward rates that can be experienced.

In addition, users can also use the unique treasure trove of weapons meticulously designed in the game system to absolutely optimize the bonus level they can receive.

Overall, compared to many other products in the same genre, Fish Shooting God is definitely one of the games that fully meets the needs of users for a reward service that not only has an attractive reward rate but also allows Players get a unique and impressive experience journey.

Detailed gameplay of God fish shooting game

In general, the vast majority of games belong to the genreShoot fish and get prizes All have very simple rules, users do not need to spend too much time learning but are still guaranteed to receive impressive rewards.

However, to quickly understand this game from the first experience, here is the basic information you need to know about the God Fish Shooting game.

(1) Game rules

The user’s main task when entering the God Fish Shooting game is to adjust the direction of the weapon’s shot and proceed to defeat as many surrounding animals as possible in the interface.

Currently, each animal has different bonus levels, so depending on the bonus level of each animal, you will have different bonus rates.

(2) Special weapons and features

In addition to the task of eliminating as many fish as possible in the interface, during the experience you will encounter many animals or some special items, helping you get new features and benefits. Helps increase your chances of redeeming rewards such as:

Laser Crab

Supports the creation of an extremely powerful laser source, with great destructive power, so when collected and used, it will be able to defeat many animals around its range of operation.

Drill Crab

Creates a strong thrust, helping to knock down fish while the Drill Crab moves, bringing a quick reward rate to the user.

Bomb Crab

Creates a bomb with strong destructive power and quickly destroys a large number of creatures within the bomb’s explosive range.

Wheel Crab

When defeating Whell Crab, the system will open the prize drawing feature for users. If you’re lucky, you can receive extremely heavy items along with some special game items.

Flash Jelly Fish

When you see and successfully defeat Flash Jelly Fish, the system will automatically freeze the entire game interface, making the animals in the game immobile and helping you defeat them more quickly.


Providing a free source of bullets, helping users not have to spend too much money to bet while still bringing heavy reward rates is the main feature of Firestorm.

Golden Fortune Bag

When you see and catch the Golden Fortune Bag, the system will let you choose special lucky money bags.

Each red envelope in the God Fish Shooting game system will have different reward levels and extremely impressive gifts.

Dragon King’s Treasure

You will receive this game’s special reward chest if you successfully defeat the game’s biggest boss – the Golden Dragon.

It is revealed that the special gift from the reward chest will be the biggest and most mysterious reward from the game for players who can successfully defeat the Golden Dragon.

(3) Bonus rate in the gameGod fish shooting

When playing the game, depending on each creature as well as the number of fish you kill, the bonus you receive after experiencing the game will also be different.

Below is the reward system that you can receive when defeating a creature in the game that you can refer to to have the most appropriate playing strategy for yourself.

  • Dragonfly fish x2
  • Clownfish x3
  • Striped goldfish x4
  • Stickleback fish x5
  • The one with many scales x6
  • Flat fish x7
  • Lobster x8
  • Swordfish x9
  • Octopus x10
  • Jellyfish x12
  • Lamp fish x15
  • Turtle x18
  • Spiny fish x20
  • Stingray x25
  • Large clownfish x30
  • Large striped goldfish x40
  • Large stickleback fish x50
  • Shark x30 ~ 70
  • Golden clownfish x30 ~ 70
  • Golden striped goldfish x40 ~ 80
  • Big golden stickleback x40 ~ 90
  • Golden shark x50 ~ 100
  • Killer whale x50 ~ 100
  • Golden killer whale x60 ~ 200
  • Golden Dragon x60 ~ 888

Instructions for playing Fish Shooting God at Okvip game portal

After understanding the most important information from this game, you are surely mentally prepared to join the exciting fish hunting battle at Okvip.

So below will be 4 detailed instructions so that users can quickly log into the game and start their journey in the simplest way.

Step 1: Create an account and deposit money

To fully experience the services from the bookmaker system, the first thing you need to do is register an account atbookmaker Okvip.

Creating an account will be extremely quick and won’t take too much time, so users don’t need to worry.

After successfully logging into the game interface, continue to deposit money into your account using convenient methods supported by the betting portal.

Step 2: Choose a suitable play room

When depositing money successfully, to access the God Fish Shooting game, go to the «Fish Shooting for Rewards» section, find the God Fish Shooting game to access.
See : Thể Thao OKVIP

At the main interface, at first you will have 3 choices of 3 play rooms including:

  1. Beginner’s room: For new players with small bets, suitable for practicing skills right from the start
  2. Expert Room: For experienced users with average bets
  3. High-class players room: For experts and fish shooting experts with extremely high bets. If you want to receive the highest reward rate, join this betting room.

Understanding the diverse needs of many players, the system has designed 3 different betting rooms for users to easily choose from.

Therefore, depending on your experience, financial conditions as well as expectations about your bonus level, choose the most suitable fish shooting room.

Step 3: Choose firing mode

The shooting mode in the game is designed by the publisher to be quite diverse so that users can easily choose and apply it to each situation to optimize the reward rate they can receive as follows:

Shoot normally

Shooting mode usually supports flexible shooting, which is the current default shooting mode in the game. When using this mode, you need to make sure you have experience playing and standard shooting skills

Shoot automatically

Automatic shooting mode helps users shoot automatically, without needing to interact with the game interface and still earn impressive bonuses.

When activating this mode, the user only needs to select 5 species of creatures they want to defeat and after activating, the system will automatically find and destroy the animals the player has chosen.

Shoot locked target

This shooting mode was born to help players aim and defeat it quickly, especially when shooting Bosses. If you want to activate it, you just need to switch modes and select the animal you want to defeat.

When activated successfully, the system will automatically redirect the weapon and proceed to destroy that animal until it flies away or swims out of the game interface.

Step 4: Adjust bullet intensity and experience the game

After choosing the appropriate shooting mode, this is the time to choose the bullet intensity for the weapon you want to use.

To adjust the level of ammo used, just click on the plus or minus icon on the game interface. Note that you should choose the amount of money appropriate to your economic conditions and the audience you are targeting.

Once you have carefully prepared everything, this is the time for you to experience the exciting ocean world at the system.

Combine and learn more special features in the game to optimize the bonus level you deserve in the game.

Unbeatable experiences in playing fish shooting for prizes at Fish Shooting God

In general, whether the bonus in this game is high or not depends on each person’s playing style and gaming skills.

Therefore, if you want to optimize the bonus you can receive, please refer to the following 5 unbeaten fish shooting experiences:

(1) Focus on shooting angles

The 4 corners of the interface are areas where new creatures appear regularly, so just aim and shoot at this corner of the game interface to ensure the reward rate you receive will improve quickly.

At the same time, this shooting angle is extremely suitable for new players because there is no need to move the shooting direction too often, so the chance of missing shots is almost non-existent.

(2) Only shoot fish in schools

When choosing a shooting direction following large schools of fish, your hit rate will be 100% guaranteed.

Therefore, instead of trying to practice shooting bullets accurately at a single fish, shooting a large school of fish will ensure the bonus you receive each time you shoot.

More specifically, this way of shooting, if you are lucky, can also help you «kill 2 swallows with one stone», increasing the bonus level received in your account.

(3) Do not abuse automatic fire mode

One of the biggest misconceptions of new players is trying to use automatic fire mode anytime, anywhere.

However, you should know the disadvantages of this shooting mode, in addition to not having a high hit rate, but also being limited in the types of creatures that can be defeated.

Because it is limited by certain types of creatures, if you want to shoot higher-class fish with higher reward rates, you will not be able to overdo it.

Therefore, you should limit the use of this mode if you want to upgrade your skills and optimize the rewards you can receive.

(4) Choose a suitable playroom

With a design of 3 playing rooms with 3 different betting levels, it allows users to flexibly choose the betting room that best suits them when shooting fish.

Therefore, depending on each situation as well as the experience you have gained from the game, flexibly choose the game room that best suits you, avoiding financial and psychological pressure when playing games.

(5) Regularly participate in outstanding events

Fish shooting games with prizes from the publisher Spade Gaming, especially in the game, will have many different outstanding events that you can participate in.

These programs come with impressive reward rates and also have quite unique event content, so participating will definitely help you have more diverse and interesting experiences.

Overall, Fish Shooting God is one of the prize-winning fish shooting games that is heavily invested in both bonus levels and visual effects, so it can bring the most exciting and complete moments of experience to anyone. which user.

If you are looking for the most unique fish shooting game at bookmaker Okvip, this is the perfect and most suitable choice for you.

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