Forum RP Etiquette For Newbies (Jcink)

We had proboards in the 2000s. In the 2020s, Discord and Jcink continued to thrive as the grounds for roleplaying. The hobby has existed for about twenty years. Many practices have come and gone in the community. However, forum roleplay continues to thrive. To some, it’s pure escapism. To others, it is a way of telling grander stories in worlds beyond our own. Some roleplayers like playing a concrete character arc.

However, the plunge into roleplay can be overwhelming, especially if you are transferring from other roleplaying mediums. Some started with TTRPG, while others have stuck to Discord RP and one-on-one roleplay.

It’s as simple as one, two, three. You can start by choosing a board and then reading its lore and rules.

First, you’ll want to choose a board. Remember to read through the rules and lore of the board. If a board has gotten your attention, don’t hesitate to register.

Starting in an RP board can feel very intimidating, as there is many rules and terms you need to navigate.

This overwhelming feeling is familiar. Therefore, we have created the list to help those overwhelmed with things so that people starting off in Jcink RP can feel much better.

Effective Communication

A game of Jili is simple, but if you make it a group effort, there needs to be communication and such a principle is also applicable when doing forum roleplay. Most forum sites nowadays use Discord as a mode of communication; back then, Skype was the medium where RPers plotted their characters together as if they were their Barbie dolls and made a form of soap opera. However, despite these communication mediums, the roleplayer’s duty is to be communicative, especially when they plan to join the roleplay site community. The application process is one way to test the skills in communication of a prospective member – especially with how they react to feedback.

Real Life First

RP is a hobby. Compared to life, it ranks secondary. However, if you will be busy or need a hiatus, your community and partners should be understanding, at least. You also need to put in some effort if you have the time and clarify if there are In-character plot issues that need refining or resolution. Despite the need for hiatuses etc., it does not mean you are entitled to have your partner wait for you to continue. If there are time constraints, then communicate about it.

Moreover, if there is a scene that they are not comfortable with, don’t force them and vice-versa.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement can go a long way when writing and posting. It’s more of a bonus, but with RP partners, great feedback can help you gain more confidence in continuing to write. In my personal experience, my RP partner is in my opposite timezone. However, there were times when we’d roleplay rapid-fire whenever we were both online. Both of us had positive feedback for the other, and we’ve rarely edited posts. Mostly, it might act as instant gratification but it has gone a long way in creating memories for both of us.

Don’t Be A Stranger

The point of RP is to write with other characters, especially if you plan to keep them active. Characters who do not like people, avoid social interaction, and are aggressive are not conducive to an RP setting. Yes, we get it that not everyone is Elle Woods, but no one wants to write with a character who wants to stab theirs for existing or is counting down the seconds until they can flee a conversation.

Wrapping Up

With this guide, we hope that the world of jumping into RP won’t be overwhelming! It’s also a guide that will help you create active characters. Stay imaginative and creative!

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