Corner Kick Betting Nature, Characteristics and Most Common Forms

Corner kick bet extremely familiar and every match bettors encounter. However, this concept is somewhat unfamiliar to new recruits. If you want to play this sport well, you must definitely refer to the article below New88.com.

Overview of corner kick betting

Corner odds are also known internationally as Corners. With this product, players do not need to worry about which team wins or loses, the total number of goals or the handicap bet. When playing corner betting, the only thing you need to keep in mind is the number of corners in one half of the match.

Over time, corner kick bets have also been modified into many new categories such as which team takes the first corner kick, last, etc. Depending on the progress of the match, the bookmaker sets the bet as well as the most suitable rate.

Corner odds are a by-product, but the reward rate is not inferior to handicap odds, European odds, over-under odds, etc. Because this product does not predict the match score, it is quite easy for bettors.

Corner kick bets and the most common types

Knowing what corner kicks are is not enough, you need to clearly understand their forms to conveniently invest. Let’s explore with us the 5+ most popular corner kick betting odds today.

Over/under corner kick

With this product, you will predict whether the total number of corners in the match will be over or under. If you think that the actual number of corners is greater than the odds given by the bookmaker, then Over is optimal and vice versa. This type of bet not only applies to the entire match but also only one round.

Corner kick handicap bet

Corner handicap bets are similar to Asian handicaps. You will choose the handicap team or the handicapped team with a certain percentage. Depending on the house’s handicap, the winning or losing results will be clearly determined.

Even and odd corners

This corner kick bet is quite easy to predict. Bettors only need to judge whether the number of corners at the end of each half or the entire match is even or odd to choose the appropriate bet.

First corner bet

The first corner bet has the international name First Corner. With this product, players can predict which team will take the first corner kick. Of course, this bet only appears 5 minutes before the referee blows the whistle to open the match. After a team takes the first free kick, this bet no longer exists.

Corner odds at the end of the match

This bet has the international name Last Corner. With this product, bettors predict which team will be awarded the right to take the last corner kick. This bet appears close to the end of the match.

Bet on the next corner

The next corner bet is also internationally known as Next Corner. With this bet, the bettor only needs to predict which team will receive the next corner kick from the referee. Of course, before that, there was a team that took the first corner kick.

Odds without corners

This bet is quite special when predicting that the match will not have any corner kicks at all. This rarely happens in football matches. Because this is a rare case, the reward rate of this product is extremely high.
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How to choose and invest in profitable corner bets

If you want to bet accurately on corners, you need to clearly understand the match and the participating teams. The following are useful tips to help bettors get to shore safely.

  • Teams that are stronger in terms of achievements, form, and class always win the first corner.
  • Any team looking for a goal in the final minutes will usually push their team high and get the final corner kick.
  • The team tends to play offensively, likes to push the team high to overwhelm the opponent, ensuring more corner kicks are taken. In a match, when both teams play in this style, the corner kick door is always open.
  • Consider whether the first corner kick appears in the 6th to 8th minutes or not. If there were a full-time guarantee, there would be countless corner kicks taken.
  • On the contrary, in matches where the first 15 minutes have passed and there is still no corner kick, there is an extremely rare chance of winning a corner kick.
  • Teams that have full-backs and midfielders with not-so-excellent skills and tend to play on the wing and head will take more corner kicks than the other opponents.
  • In a team that has many players playing high balls, most of them receive more corner kicks.
  • In the last minutes of the first or second half, when both teams have not scored any goals, this is also the time when they offer up their formation and take the most corner kicks.


Above, New88 has just sent you all the information about corner kicks. Even though this is a side bet, don’t underestimate it. It can help you turn around, increase your income or make money during difficult economic times.

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